Streett on Reading Greek

I discovered this morning not only that Daniel Streett has a blog, but that he has written an excellent post on what it means to be able to *truly* read Greek. He really rips apart the idea of decoding and translating Greek. I love it.

It looks like I’ll be adding another blog to Google Reader. There aren’t many bloggers than focus specifically on the Greek language—NT history and theology are more popular— so I’m quite excited to see another start, especially by such an excellent Greek professor and Daniel Streett. And I’m glad that we have people focused on pedagogy, too. I’m working on making my Greek fluent, but I’m not particularly pedagogically inclined. I’m more interested in discovering the structures of the language that should undergird our knowledge of the language so that we can get closer to fluency like middle voice or noun phrase structure—don’t put your quantifiers closer to the head noun than your regular adjectives and don’t put your adjectives closer to your head noun than your genitives.

HT: Nick Noreli