Companion to Cognitive Linguistics

index3The fellas over at Old School Script pointed out a new volume on cognitive linguistics that I was unaware of:

The Bloomsbury Companion to Cognitive Linguistics (Bloomsbury Companions)

I’m not sure it’s the guide I’ve been waiting for, but I always enjoy having another volume o n this topic. And if you’re going to get this Bloomsbury companion volume, you may want to also be aware of the equally-relevant-to-our-field-of-study volume from the same series: index5The Bloomsbury Companion to Historical Linguistics (Bloomsbury Companions), which is also significantly cheaper (albeit in lower quality paperback form). Luraghi & Bubenik are superb cognitive linguists in their own right, too, so these two volumes go together nicely.

index4I also highly recommend Green & Evan’s Cognitive Linguistics: An Introduction is also an excellent volume.