NIV/TNIV Comparison

Exactly how different is the TNIV from the NIV?

I wondered this for sometime.

And then, because I have Logos Bible Software, I decided to check. I left my computer running all night and it took a total of about 14 hours to complete the comparison [Update] An old laptop from 2002.

Here are the results:


4.2% Variant from Base.

Not as different as I expected….(sorry that its so small, I was trying to keep the file size down, and yes it is clickable)

What about you? What did you expect?

UPDATE: I’ve since began a series going through the sections of the Bible noting and discussing the kinds of changes made:

NIV / TNIV – The Pentateuch

NIV / TNIV – The Historical Books

NIV / TNIV – Poetic Books

NIV / TNIV – The Major Prophets

NIV / TNIV – The Minor Prophets

NIV / TNIV – The Gospels

NIV / TNIV – Paul’s Letters

NIV / TNIV – The General Letters & Revelation