Aspect & the Future

I’ve only found one reasonable example of a imperfective future in the dozen or so grammars that I have.

Philippians 1:18 – And I will continue to rejoice.

But it must be asked, if this is the only example (and every grammar I’ve dug provided no other clear example. These include Porter, Fanning, McKay, Campbell, Burton, Roberton, Moule, Moulton, Goodwin, BDF, Turner, Wallace, Zerwick, and Nunn.

And Philippians 1.18 does not necessarily need to be imperfective in meaning. It may very well mean “And I will rejoice [as I should]” with the sense of intentionality that is at times found in future forms (because the future historically came out of the aorist subjunctive).

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  1. I would like to ask the question (but don’t have the resources to do so) whether there are any (other) places in the NT or elsewhere in Koine where an imperfective future statement is made, and how is this expressed? Is there a periphrastic future which is imperfective to contrast with a perfective simple future, as in Russian?

    Surely the future in Philippians 1:18 may be perfective in the sense “I will rejoice at the time when I am delivered, released from prison”, the release he predicts in verse 19.

  2. Many of the grammars refer to a periphrastic future like Russian. I’ll find some examples if I can and post them – hmm, check Romans 8.18-25…there might be one there with μελλω and a participle. I think.

    Good point on verse 19. I didn’t read any farther. I should have.

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