Craig Blomberg, Gender, and James 3

Craig Blomberg has written about James 3, making a strong case for the translation of ἀδέλφοι should be translated as “brothers and sisters.”

One of many highlights:

Shouldn’t we still err on the side of a conservative translation if there is any reasonable doubt that James had both genders in mind. Isn’t that part of where translations differ from commentaries because of our high view of the inspired text of Scripture itself? This may be one of the most widespread and dangerous fallacies afflicting certain wings of evangelical scholarship and the conservative church in general in the U.S. today.

I’ve been waiting for someone to say that for some time now. Be sure to go read why its a fallacy.

By the way, the Holy Spirit is neuter in Greek and feminine in Hebrew.

Talk about idenity crisis.

or maybe grammatical gender is different than natural gender…