Learning Greek

So I had planned on posting pictures showing you what I’ve been doing.

But unfortunately, camera problems have prevented that.

Nonetheless, I have implemented a few new methods for learning Greek directly without translation. Here are a few of my ideas.

  • Picture Flash Cards – Greek on the back and a picture on the front.
  • Labeling my apartment with as many Greek words as possible – θυρα was rather common…
  • A new screen saver – where I’ve placed words in the pictures I found on the internet – presently, all of them are from Louw & Nida’s semantic domain #1.

The labeling has been the most interesting. I ended up heading toward LSJ for words simply because there aren’t enough in the New Testament – the LXX was more helpful on that though.

The flash cards are pictures I drew with crayons at a round 2:00 AM one night that I just could not sleep. Thus far, I’ve done about 35 and I plan on doing more. I’d like to get one of those rings and make some sturdier ones like you see seminary students uses for their English glosses – but I’ll be pictorial all the way.

The plan is that my wife and I will begin talking with each other eventually as well, though we’re working on comprehension right now.

Of course on top of these activities, I’m continuing to read, read, read the New Testament, Septuagint, and Patristics (mainly Chrysostom).