Second Language Acquisition Suggestions

Seumas over at  Complaint (no…) Compilant (not right either…) Compliant Subversity (<- there we go!) has some helpful tips for moving forward toward actually acquiring Greek or Hebrew as a second language (or in D&T’s terms second language learning).

Do check it out.

5 thoughts on “Second Language Acquisition Suggestions

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  1. Mike, you really ought to reread what you’ve typed before publishing it (I need to do that three or four times) — Seumas’ site really has nothing to do with “complaints.”

  2. Mike, I should have left well-enough alone; you first called it “Complaint Subversity” — now you’ve ‘corrected’ it to “Compilant Subversity.” That will give Seumas yet another idea for a new blog!

    1. The worst of it is that when I read proof read it, my brain skips right over this little letter changes!

      I’ve made an adjustment. Hopefully I’ve got it right now.

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