Book Question

At any given time, roughly how many books do you find yourself reading?

Currently, there are about 15 books that I’ve started and intend to finish. Then there’s another couple dozen that I have no interest in completing – or I plan on simply using them as references for the future.

Is this at all normal?

What about you?

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  1. If we’re talking about really reading then I’d estimate between 4-6 books at a time. If we’re just talking about books that I’ve started reading and intend to finish at some point in the future then the number increases to dozens upon dozens.

  2. It depends. If I am reading good fiction, I tend to read that to the exclusion of anything else. When I am reading non-fiction, I tend to read 2-4. I struggle reading non-fiction. I know people who can devour non-fiction but have a hard time finishing fiction, though, but I am the opposite. As with Nick, if we are talking about books I have started and want to finish sometime then I have around 20 bookmarks scattered throughout my library (with several more that don’t have bookmarks) that I want to read.

    1. Yeah, I’m kind of similar, but for me when I’m reading non-fiction, its not so much that I can’t just eat it all up. Rather, I’ll finish a piece of work or the dishes or dinner or something and I’ll think, hmmm, what should I read. And then I invariably pick up something I haven’t started yet…and another book is added to the pile.

  3. If I’m going to finish a book – like properly genuinely read every word – then I’ll read it all in one sitting – however many hours it takes. Otherwise it’s in the “I read some/half/most of it” category – I don’t know why – just my way for some reason

  4. Nick & Kyle: No, I’m talking about intending to finish in the near future. If we went to books that I plan on finishing eventually at some unknown time, then the number goes up to about 60.

  5. I tend to read about five books at a time. One fiction, which I generally read faster than the others, and four non-fiction, which I read at different rates depending on how interesting the reading is. Unlike Kyle, my roommate, I don’t leave my bookmarks in books on the shelf after reading a few pages (except for Nietzsche, but that is a fluke). I either have to keep reading pretty frequently, or start from the beginning. But I rotate through about five total books.

  6. My review stack is up to 15 (with one more on the way), but, like Nick, those I plan to finish (that I started some time ago), I can’t estimate.

  7. I’m currently reading 8 books at once. Five I am reading either daily or weekly (one is a re-read). The other three I haven’t picked up in over a month.

    If you count books I reference off my bookshelf that I am piecing away at, be they commentary, theological dictionaries, grammars, or different bibles, it could easily be 50. Again, within one week, I am handling roughly 50 books (more or less).

  8. I love people who can read fiction. I always think that they are so balanced. I have tried… Clancy, King, Chricton, Meyer… but my mind can’t stay focused on it. I keep thinking, “Oh, yeah. This isn’t true. Why am I reading.” No, I don’t think this is normal. It is strange. I have a little better time with classics, though that may be one classic every year or two.

    I read about 4 to 6 books at a time, with usually one book being my main focal point until I am done or realize it is not a highly useful read.

    And you can pray for my fictionless life. 🙂

    1. You might try a lit class, or at least tracking down good literary essays about fiction. Learning to properly analyze might actually make it enjoyable for you.

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