Discoll & Targums – Misspeaking Left and Right

Ark Art Boulet popped up in my google reader this morning with a video and comments on Discoll’s use of Targum Neofiti, which is pricariously uses to show that the Trinity is in Genesis 1:1.

Now granted its definitely a better argument than saying that Jesus, the Alef & Tav are in Genesis 1:1 in the Hebrew Object marker, BUT. Its still a poor argument.

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  1. I look at it like this: if God is triune (and he is) then he’s triune in the OT as well as the NT. That there’s no developed doctrine of the Trinity in the creedal sense is beside the point. The funny thing about Driscoll’s video is that I think that the translation and interpretation he uses confuse the issue more than they help it.

    1. Nick, I agree. God is and always will be triune. He does not change.

      But that does not mean that the human author of Genesis believed that God was triune. As I see, it, that is the issue at state here. It doesn’t mean that God wasn’t triune when Gen 1:1 was written. It just means that it wasn’t an issue, because the human author wasn’t writing about trinitarian theology.

  2. Mike: I agree, although I can see how early Christians read Genesis 1:1-3 and saw the triune God in it (i.e., God created through Spirit and Word) even though its original author most likely did not.

  3. You might get more Google traffic if you call them “Driscoll” and “Art” instead of “Discoll” and “Ark”. I know I am calling the kettle black, but nonetheless…

    1. Steve,

      I tried using Driscoll with lots of other words (no profanity). I don’t actually record my blog traffic but I didn’t get any comments. I have the misfortune of actually knowing something about Driscoll, but lets not mix that up with greek OK?

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