Logos’ Biblical Languages Reference Collection

On my last post, Carl made an insightful comment — one that  I’ve had myself, though not as well put — about this collection from Logos:

Biblical Languages: Reference Grammars and Introductions (19 Vols.)

He wrote,

Frankly, that’s an absurdly large collection; I can see putting it in a package with other reference works that are really Classical: Allen & Greenough, the Homeric grammar, and the like. But very few specialists are going to want that whole bundle.

There are some great books in the collection, but he’s right. It’s way too diverse. It would be far better if it were broken up into a couple less expensive collections.

Part of me wonders if the reason for putting all these books together is so that otherwise, they would never get enough orders for the less Biblical studies related books, e.g. the Syriac, Latin, & perhaps the Homeric Grammar…

I have a feeling that is the case, though even still, I may very well still suggest breaking this collection up.