Greek Word Order Disseration

Rich Rhodes mentioned it in a recent post over at Better Bibles and then today, one of my blog readers e-mailed me an online link to it:

Thetic Constructions in Koine Greek: εἰμί ‘be’, γίνομαι ‘occur’, ἔρχομαι ‘come’, ἰδού/ἴδε ‘behold’, and complement clauses of ὁράω ‘see’ by N. A. Bailey.

The dissertation is currently available Here.

I’ve read chapter one and part of chapter 2. Those are the introduction and the literature survey, respectively. What I’ve seen thus far looks fantastic. Rich was right in his commendation of this piece of work. It’s quite impressive. I’m pleased to see that 1) he’s taken Lambrecht and Levinsohn as his touch points for the study and 2) he’s confirmed my own thoughts about the models proposed by a few other recent works, including Helma Dik’s.

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  1. We all recognized that Nick’s work has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of information flow in the NT. I’m pushing him to work on pulling the generalizations out of the welter of minor constructions he has cataloged, since it is expected that he will formally publish his findings.

    We spent the afternoon after the defense talking about the family of constructions involving ίδου/ἴδε. We’ve heard these translated as behold for so long, that we have no clue that that’s not how most of them function in Koine at all. Read his Chapter 6 to see the breakdown.

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