Recommended Books

I’ve been thinking about my sidebar a bit for the past week. I have a top five list for commentaries on Ephesians.

But the thing is, I haven’t actually blogged about Ephesians for months, literally. I think the last time was in April, 2009. My blogging has morphed in its content since 2007 when it began.

So I’m wondering. New Top 5 lists in my sidebar perhaps?

Top 5…

Linguistics books?

Greek monographs?



What do you think? All of the above perhaps? I don’t know.

And it’s hard for me to want to remove the Ephesians commentaries because they’ve done so very well for click throughs to WTSbooks & Amazon.

Feedback would be helpful. I need it.

4 thoughts on “Recommended Books

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  1. For my part I have long since lost interest in Ephesians other than as an object-lesson in how theological Greek ought not to be written; I read your blog to learn things about Greek and Linguistics that I don’t know anything about, and that’s a vast sea of things.

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