Diccionario Griego-Español

Those of you whose Spanish is decent enough to use a Spanish Greek lexicon may be interested in the news that VII of the Diccionario Griego-Español, Tomo VII (Ekpelleúo-Éxauo) has finally been published and can be ordered HERE. I’d say they’re coming to close to half way — or at least they should be done with Epsilon by the next volume sometime around 2020.

Will it be done in my lifetime…? Not sure.

HT: Ἡλληνιστεύκοντος

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  1. > My thoughts exactly. 42 x 7 volumes? Oy Vey.
    As I’ve grumbled, Vol. V is already out of print.

    The DGE does have substantially better coverage than LSJ, for what it’s worth, but by my maths, they’re only a third of the way through (ἐξαύω is around headword #39,000 out of 121,000 in LSJ)—which means a completion date of 2090.

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