Blogging Plans for the Next Two Weeks

I’ll be posting some preliminary discussions from my upcoming paper for BibleTech:2010 over the next couple weeks. I’ve already discussed at length’s database several months ago, so my focus will chiefly be on the Cascadia Syntax Graphs of the New Testament.

We’ll be looking at the following topics:

The Clause in Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar

Noun Phrases in Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar

Long-Distance Dependencies in Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (esp. Content Questions, Relative Clauses, & Hyperbaton).

Why all the Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar? Well, because that’s the framework that the Cascadia Graphs use for their syntactic parser. The final category is the one that will probably be the central focus of my discussion of Cascadia for the paper itself. The way they have dealed with such constructions is striking and (at least in my mind) doesn’t fit, somehow.

I hope in these following posts, I can provide a comfortable theoretical foundation for those of you who might attend the presentation or read the paper when I make it available. The goal in these posts will be to show how the these issues are represented in HPSG for English first and then afterward drawing parallels to similar Greek constructions. With that said, I do intend to work hard to make both my posts as well as my presentation as free of mumbo-jumbo linguistic talk as possible. I definitely do not want to be an ivory tower of babel if at all possible.