Greek Language, Linguistics, & Social Identity

Granted, I know that many of you are less interested in these issues than I am, but I thought it would be worth noting that Peter Mackridge, an outstanding Medieval and Modern Greek scholar’s Language and National Identity in Greece, 1766-1976 has now been released in a more affordable paperback versionalt, bringing the price down from a retail of $99 for the hardcover to a retail of $35 for the paperback and also finally placing it within my reach.

This is an important work that provides quite a bit of background for the language issues that developed over the past few centuries. While I don’t claim that the average pastor should be interested in it or even those who are working NT history or theology, I would suggest that anyone who is seriously interested in the study and research of Greek grammar should work to gain a grasp of the history of the language. Some might take this as controversial.

It isn’t.

Robertson did it.

James Hope Moulton did it.

William F. Moulton did it.

Albert Thumb did it.

Francis Gignac did it.





Now, if only Oxford would release a paperback version of Buist Fanning’s Verbal Aspect in New Testament Greek…