RBL Review of On Conditionals in the Greek Pentateuch

A book review of of Tjen Anwar’s On conditionals in the Greek Pentateuch: A study of translational syntax (PDF LINK) appeared in the RBL RSS feed this morning when I was doing my reading. It’s a good review, though it really doesn’t do much beyond summarizing the contents. That’s not a bad thing. At the very least, it gives you a useful view of what the book is about and the claims that it makes. I just happened to prefer reviews that have a little more critical interaction.

For my own part, I read Anwar’s book this summer and enjoyed it. I confess that I had hoped Anwar would make a greater contribution to our knowledge of Greek conditionals, but that’s okay. He does a good job looking at the LXX and its relationship to the Hebrew text, which was (I think) his main interest. At the verb least, it was nice to see him interacting with Gerry Wakker’s Conditions and Conditionals: An Investigation of Ancient Greek.

As a book that touches on Greek grammar, it had a useful survey, but doesn’t break any ground. So if you were to find it at a good price, it’s a good purchase, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to pick it up unless you’re heavily into LXX research.