Radical Frame Semantics and Biblical Hebrew

This just popped up on Eisenbraun’s New & Noteworthy RSS feed:

Radical Frame Semantics and Biblical Hebrew:Exploring Lexical Semantics by Stephen Shead.
Biblical Interpretation Series – BIS 108
Brill Academic Publishers, 2011
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It’s depressingly expensive (as most Brill books are), but I’d say that it’ll also be an incredibly important work for Biblical Hebrew research in semantics and lexicography. It’d be wonderful for a book like this to appear for Greek, but I’m not holding my breath—though Paul Danove’s work on verb classes is a quite similar approach. I also wonder how well its bound. Here’s the book description (LINK):


Since James Barr’s work in the 1960s, the challenge for Hebrew scholars has been to continue to apply the insights of linguistic semantics to the study of biblical Hebrew. This book begins by describing a range of approaches to semantic and grammatical analysis, including structural semantics, cognitive linguistics and cognitive metaphors, frame semantics, and William Croft’s Radical Construction Grammar. It then seeks to integrate these, formulating a dynamic approach to lexical semantic analysis based on conceptual frames, using corpus annotation. The model is applied to biblical Hebrew in a detailed study of a family of words related to “exploring,” “searching,” and “seeking.” The results demonstrate the value and potential of cognitive, frame-based approaches to biblical Hebrew lexicology.

Product Details

Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers
Publication date: 2011
Bibliographic info: xxviii + 378 pages

Cover: Cloth
ISBN: 90-04-18839-8
ISBN13: 978-90-04-18839-6