Out of Print?

It looks like John Lee’s A History of New Testament Greek Lexicography might be out of print…which is a bit of a disaster. If there’s one book about Greek lexicography that everyone should read, it’s honestly this book. Not only is it full of practical information (rather than dense semantic theory), it also makes it explicitly clear what are the strengths and what are the weaknesses on Greek lexicons. Moreover, it is simply an absolute pleasure to read and thoroughly entertaining.

In other news, looks like I’m generally failing at writing more regularly. Lot’s of unexpected deadlines are stealing all my time. Still, I will have more on quantifiers and definite articles soon, since that’s part of one f the deadlines.

3 thoughts on “Out of Print?

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  1. Thanks for heads up on this. Was able to pick up a new copy for a reasonable price at abebooks before the prices really skyrocket as they now do whenever a book becomes scarce.
    It is a shame that many of these academic books can’t at least be released in an ebook edition so one can still obtain them for a reasonable price when thy go out of print.

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