Against monosemy, pt 5: The methodological gap

I fully acknowledge there is certainly an appeal for monosemy as a theoretical construct. The ability to schematize all usages or senses within a single abstract sense does indeed simplified and elegant semantic theory. Such a theory is an attractive prospect for all linguists.

The source of SOURCE Expressions: Embodiment

When we talk about prepositional meaning, we have focused on the usage of prepositions in constructional contexts. We have not talked about ἀπό or ἐκ meaning CAUSE, for example, but rather ἀπό and ἐκ being used in a CAUSE expressions. This is an important distinction.

Out of Print?

It looks like John Lee's A History of New Testament Greek Lexicography might be out of print...which is a bit of a disaster. If there's one book about Greek lexicography that everyone should read, it's honestly this book. Not only is it full of practical information (rather than dense semantic theory), it also makes it explicitly clear... Continue Reading →

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