Onward to Cambridge!

I want to again thank everyone who contributed to the GoFundMe Campaign: Cambridge Greek Verb Conference. The response was both astounding and generous. Thank you all so much.

Here’s what has been happening so far:

  • Rachel and I have been diligently preparing our papers for the conference. We’re almost ready!
  • All of you raised enough that I’ll be blogging about sessions.
  • I have two books to review (those will be coming in July and August, hopefully)

What we need to do now:

Help choosing which sessions to blog about. I’ll be doing three.You can see the full list here: Linguistics & the Greek Verb. It covers everything from aspect, to voice, participles, to discourse, tense, modality, linguistics, classical perspectives, and much more. It’s going to be an awesome time.

We’re still pretty stretched with covering the costs that left, you can still contribute if you’d like. We’re $50 short of a third book review and $100 short of blogging a four conference session, if either of those are of interest to you.

I need to get writing a couple book reviews. I’m currently working on:

Linguistic Analysis of the Greek New Testament: Studies in Tools, Methods, and Practice by Stanley Porter

So again: thanks everyone for helping us get here. We’re really excited!

3 thoughts on “Onward to Cambridge!

Add yours

  1. I’m being clever and won’t ask for B. Crellin’s The Perfect. It’s your interest anyways and the temptation to say something about it is too strong for you, so it hasn’t to be asked… 🙂

    But that leaves still too many interesting ones. “What does a NT specialist need to know” articles bring in the much needed wider view to the discussion. Then there are the specific questions in the “timeless tense” debate: the augment, historical present, non-past aorist etc. In one way Fanning is the most interesting because of the Fanning/Porter debate which may have started all of this. It can get more visibility and wider audience for this whole conference. Then there’s the confusion of terms, important to get right… And… And… I just can’t decide!

    BTW, one thing I’m interested about is the audience. Are there any “big names” there? Someone who could change their mind? Someone who has influence among exegetes?

    1. Good question! There’s a good size crowd there that’s registered, but I’m not privy to who has signed up.

      As for voting, it might help if you see what others have already voted for (from facebook & twitter):

      2 votes:
      Aubrey (my wife’s, not mine)

      1 vote:

      Also, as of this morning, I need to blog a fourth session, too. So that might ease the decision a bit.

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