Robert Crellin’s Ph.D. dissertation is now available in monograph form at an incredibly reasonable price (retail of $40, currently $33 on Amazon) in the Publications of the Philological Society Series.

The syntax and semantics of the perfect active in literary Koine Greek (Amazon)1119243548-1

It’s an excellent piece of research. He and I have some differences on theoretical issues–I do not at all like Klein (1994) Time in Language, which Crellin uses heavily.

That issues aside, however, his conclusions are basically in agreement with my own simply within a different terminology set and framework and I wholeheartedly recommend his work. I’d like to review it at some point, but my writing is pretty busy for now.

Perhaps this fall.

Of course, you can also read my own analysis of the Greek perfect on here: Aubrey (2014) The Greek perfect and the categorization of tense and aspect.


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