SEBTS Linguistics and NT Greek Recap, Video Presentations

David A. Black announced on his blog on the entry for Saturday, May 11th that the video presentations are now available for viewing on YouTube.

The full playlist of all eleven presentations.

My own presentation is available by itself below. Regular readers will likely recognize some of the content from the past several months of writing.
It has been quite some time since I have been able to regularly speak publicly or give lectures and I am a bit out of practice. Apologies.

Also, lesson learned: if you cannot use your own computer for a presentation: embed your fonts. Everything should have been in Brill.

In any case, I will finally have my slides posted and available here soon. The video will likely be more useful then, since all the data I’m discussing is on my slides.

And the fonts will be embeded, so that readers might enjoy them in their full serif-ed glory.