Brill’s Dictionary of Ancient Greek

A few months ago, I was asked to write a blog post about The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek for the Logos Academic blog. That proved to be a fairly substantial task. The first post is now live and examines the context into which this new (at least in dictionary years) Greek dictionary exists relative to Greek lexicography more generally:

Brill’s New Dictionary & the State of Greek Lexicography

Next week, I’ll be continuing with an examination of Brill’s new GE, as they would call it relative to its older cousin, LSJM.

3 thoughts on “Brill’s Dictionary of Ancient Greek

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  1. Hey Mike, I was wondering whether you have any thoughts on the layout of a lexicon such as this with such a wide range of time covered?
    I have the paper version and trying to identify whether a meaning was current during the period of the New Testament / Josephus as opposed to being obsolete at that time is a struggle for me

    1. I no longer have Brill’s GE with me, so I can’t check to see if they have retained the LSJ’s practice. But LSJ, within each sense/subsense arranges its citations from oldest to newest.

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