A Little Greek Dream of Mine

I wrote this up some time ago and recent conversations have draw me back to it. On my hard drive, a couple very, very small sections are already filled in. Perhaps over the next couple decades, it will turn into something more real.


With that out of the way, here it is: my proposed table of contents for a Modern Descriptive Grammar of Hellenistic Greek.

There are some sections that lack detail — suggestions are very welcome if you see anything missing that you think should be included.

There’s a PDF HERE — though spacing is odd in it.

Table of Contents

1.      Morphology & Parts-of-Speech

1.1      Verbal Inflectional Categories

1.1.1             Aspect            Situation Aspect            Viewpoint Aspect            Interaction

1.1.2             Tense            Past            Non-past            Future

1.1.3             Mood/Modality            Indicative            Subjunctive            Imperative            Optative

1.1.4             Subject Agreement            Person            Number

1.2      Inflectional Morphology of the Verb

1.2.1             Imperfective Root

1.2.2             Perfective Root

1.2.3             –μι Verbs

1.3      Auxiliary Verbs

1.3.1             Types of Auxiliaries

1.3.2             Periphrasis

1.4      Nominal Inflectional Categories

1.4.1             Gender            Gender as Noun Class            Masculine            Feminine            Neuter            Gender in Nouns            Gender in Substantival Modifiers

1.4.2             Number            Singular            Plural            Dual*

1.5      Inflectional Morphology of the Noun

1.6      Inflectional Morphology of the Adjective

1.7      Inflectional Morphology of Determiners

1.7.1             Article

1.7.2             Demonstratives

1.8      Inflectional Morphology of Quantifiers

1.9      Derivational Morphology

1.9.1             Infinitive

1.9.2             Participle

1.9.3             Middle Verbs

1.9.4             Nominalization

1.9.5             Modifier Derivation

1.10  Other word classes

1.10.1         Pronouns        Personal Pronouns        Possessive Pronouns        Reflexive Pronouns

1.10.2         Prepositions

1.10.3         Other        Adverbs        Negators        Modal Particles        Connectives

2.       Basic clause structure

2.1      Verbal Predicates

2.1.1             Intransitives

2.1.2             Transitives

2.1.3             Ditransitives

2.2      Non-verbal Predicates

2.2.1             Equative, Attributive, and Locative Clauses

2.2.2             Existential and Possessive Clauses

2.2.3             Negated Non-verbal Predicates            Negated Possessive            Negated Existential

2.3      Constituent Order & Clause Structure

2.3.1             Discourse Relations

2.3.2             Semantic Relations

2.3.3             Grammatical Relations

2.4      Noun Phrase Structure

2.4.1             Major Functions of the Noun Phrase

2.4.2             Continuous Noun Phrases

2.4.3             Discontinuous Noun Phrases

2.4.4             Determiner Phrase            Structure                    The Demonstrative                    The Article            Relation to the Noun Phrase            Identifiability

2.4.5             Constituent Order & Noun Phrase Structure

2.4.6             Lexical Nominalization            Processes for Forming Nouns from Lexical Verbs            Syntactic Collocation                    Assimilation of Arguments to NP Syntax                    Unexpressed Arguments

2.5      Other Types of Phrases & Their Structure

2.5.1             Prepositional Phrases

2.5.2             Quantifier Phrases

3.      Sentence Patterns & Pragmatics

3.1      Questions

3.1.1             Interrogative Sentences            Content Questions            Yes-No Questions

3.2      Commands

3.2.1             Positive Commands

3.2.2             Negative Commands

3.3      Negation

3.3.1             Clausal

3.3.2             Noun Phrase Negation

3.4      Coordinate Constructions

3.4.1             Postpositivess

3.5      Subordinate Constructions

3.5.1             Complement Clauses

3.5.2             Adjunct/adverbial clauses            Subordinate Clauses denoting Cause            Subordinate Clauses denoting Temporal Relations            Subordinate Clauses denoting Concession            Subordinate Clauses denoting Purpose/Result            Subordinate Clauses denoting Condition

3.5.3             Relative Clauses            Headed Relative Clauses            Non-headed Relative Clauses

3.6      Discourse Structure

3.6.1             Sentences

3.6.2             Paragraphs

3.6.3             Self-repair & Correction in Discourse

4.      Residue

5.      Conclusion

6.      Appendices

6.1      Appendix #1 – The Problem of Greek Voice

6.2      Appendix #2 – The Tense / Aspect Debate

6.3      Appendix #2 – The Greek Referential System

6.4      Appendix #3 – The Lexicon