New Page on Historiographical Issues in Ancient Greek Grammar

I’ve added a new page tonight that houses my ongoing series of posts on how the Greek tense-aspect system has been described over the centuries: Linguistic Historiography with a brief introduction. I hope it will be a useful presentation and analysis of many old grammars that most people (even most people who are interested in studying Greek) are quite likely to never read. The historical questions surrounding how the tenseless view of the language appeared are quite interesting to me and I plan on writing on and examining roughly 30+ grammars on the subject. Currently, there are about 22 listed, including Thrax and the Stoics, but that will grow. And for those of you who worry that this project will fall by the way side and disappear, don’t worry. I’ve already written 34 pages of discussion of nine separate grammarians from the 19th century.

Some grammarians not on the list that I plan on adding:

  • Smyth
  • Kruger
  • Mussies
  • Gignac
  • Mandilaras
  • Rijksbaron

Right now, its mostly limited to grammars that I actually own or have easy access to. If anyone would like to suggest grammars that I should write about, I would definitely welcome it–and if anyone would like to provide me with a copy of the grammar in question, then even more so! More than anything, I’d like this to become a helpful resource.