Paul Kay’s remembrance of Charles Fillmore

The linguist Charles Fillmore passed away last week. There was an excellent post on the Language Log last week from Ben Zimmer conveying the news: Charles J. Fillmore, 1929-2014. I would encourage all of you to read it and the excellent account of Fillmore’s life and contributions. I know many of the people who read my blog are more in the field of biblical studies than linguistics, but you should know that if any of you have made even a cursory step into to linguistics, you have been influenced by Fillmore’s scholarship whether you’re aware of it or not.

And today, Paul Kay, a colleague and friend of Fillmore has written another account of his legacy, also posted on the Language Log:

Charles J. Fillmore

He is a scholar and linguist worth remembering. Maybe take some time today to read some Construction Grammar. Fillmore, Kay, & O’Conner’s seminal article, which argues that syntactic structure is more complicated and less compositional than standard generative accounts might suggest, that the meaning of a sentence is more than merely the sum of its parts: