The Greek Verbal System and Aspect Prominence – JETS 59/1

Nick Ellis, Mark Dubis, and I have been working together for several years now under the auspices of the BibleMesh Greek project. Nick presented a shortened version of our efforts at the Cambridge Verb Conference last summer. The three of us spent the fall working on a larger expression of our ideas and proposals.

Taking into account the advances in terminology and description, we have put forward a proposal for a possible way forward that moves away from much of the traditional Greek grammar terminology and closer to something that is more inline with current linguistic nomenclature and description.

The larger result has now been published in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society Vol 59, Issue 1.

We have also uploaded a copy to as well that is, of course, freely available for download.

The Greek Verbal System and Aspect Prominence: Revising our Taxonomy and Nomenclature. Nicholas Ellis, Michael Aubrey, Mark Dubis. JETS 59/1 (2016): 33–62.

It’s a fairly substantial paper in size, but we’re proud the ideas and we hope that it will contribute toward moving forward discussions of the Greek verb and the terminology that we use in our grammars. The Greek language curriculum used at BibleMesh already assumes this framework and students at a number of schools have adopted it.