An Invitation: Building Reciprocity in Bible Translation

Two years ago, Rachel and I, the editors of, began the process of joining Wycliffe Bible Translators. We were in the unusual position of already having a mission assignment. The standard membership process normally involves finding an assignment, wherein we connect with translation projects to find one that could best use us, whether that be Francophone Africa, Oceania, or any number of countries with linguistic diversity.

We did not go through this process. A number of linguists at Wycliffe recognized the work we have already been doing in biblical languages (including the discussions and summaries of study that we regularly share here at and invited us to an assignment supporting Bible translation projects around the world. The work we have already been doing for the past decade, whether that’s on Greek voice (link), aspect (link), prepositions (link), or the many other topics that have sparked our interest, is what we will continue to do, now in the service of the global Bible translation movement.

We have a deep desire for this transition to continue to benefit our audience here at Our goal is to do linguistic research on biblical languages that facilitates learning for everyone, whether you’re a translator in Ghana, a seminary student in Missouri, or a PhD student in the United Kingdom.

Perhaps most importantly for you, our readers, we plan to increase the frequency of writing here as well so that you, our readers can also gain from our work. For the past fourteen years, writing here at, along with the majority of research that under girds it, has been a hobby in our free time. But with Wycliffe, that research is becoming our regular work. And we want you, our readers, to be able to share in that work with open and accessible scholarship on biblical languages and linguistics.

Having financial partners from readers here transforms things by making the relationship between supporter, missionary, and translation project reciprocal. We all share together in learning more about how Biblical languages work and together we will be doing it while serving minority Christian communities still waiting to receive Scripture in their own language.

We have not yet reached the ministry budget that Wycliffe has set for us, but we are extremely close: less than $300 a month.

We encourage you to join in giving regularly to our ministry with Wycliffe. Only a handful of people contributing $10 or $25 a month would make it possible for us to start our work fully funded.

If you’re outside the US, and you’re interested in joining us, use the contact form below. We can make it happen.

Additionally, if you are interested in hearing more about the work we’re doing with Wycliffe Bible Translators, we’d love to sit down with you over coffee on Zoom. If you’re in the US or Canada, we’d even send you some freshly roasted single-origin coffee.

If you would like to hear more about what we’re doing, please, drop us a message below.