Compounds & derivatives

Sometimes looking at how a give noun is used to produce other words in a fascinating exercise. These are all from LSJM, though the glosses are modernized:

μάχαιρα – knife/dagger
μαχαιρᾶς – knife merchant
μαχαιρίδιον – small knife
μάχαιριον – shaving blade
μαχαιρίς – butcher’s knife
μαχαιροδέτης – sword belt
μαχαιροθήκη – knife case
μαχαιροκ[οπέω] to cut with a knife (dubious papyri)
μαχαιρομαχέω – fight with a knife
μαχαιρον – knife/dagger (but neuter instead of feminine)
μαχαιροποιεῖον – knife factory
μαχαιροποιός – knife maker
μαχαιροπώλης – knife merchant
μαχαιροπώλιον – knife shop
μαχαιρουργός – knife maker
μαχαιροφορά – sword wearer
μαχαιροφορέω – to put on a sword
μαχαιροφόρος – Wearing a sword
μαχαιροφυλλον – small sword(?) gladiolus = Latin diminuative of gladius
μαχαιρωτός – sword-shaped
μαχαιρώνιον = soldier

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