Forthcoming: Analyzing Meaning by Paul Kroeger

Long time readers know that the authors are big fans of Paul Kroeger’s introductory textbooks to grammar and syntax.

The former is an introduction to grammatical analysis focusing on morphology and syntax and the latter focuses on syntax specifically and is slightly more technical. The focus of both volumes is teaching linguistics for the purposes of language description and grammar writing—especially minority language description. We cut our linguistic teeth on these two volumes when we first started in linguistics.

So we were quite pleased to see on twitter that Martin Haspelmath had announced/retweeted that Paul Kroeger has a new volume coming out soon that will be examining semantics and pragmatics from the same language-documentation perspective with Language Science Press:

Analyzing meaning: An introduction to semantics and pragmatics by Paul Kroeger

The best part is that Language Science Press is an open access publisher, so the book will be freely available digitally in addition to the normal print edition.