October Book Notes 2017

There have been a few events of note in the world of book on Greek linguistics this month. Review of Brill's GE: Not the least of these is a prepublication version of John A. L. Lee's review of Brill's Dictionary of Ancient Greek (GE). The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek (Amazon) I would love to... Continue Reading →

Diachronic Prototype Semantics

I got my hands on this little guy last week: Dirk Geeraerts' Diachronic Prototype Semantics: A Contribution to Historical Lexicography. It's an older volume--1997, but really insightful. Geeraerts knows the field of semantics and lexicology and its history with a depth and degree of thoughtfulness that the vast majority of us can only aspire to... Continue Reading →

ΜΟΝΟΓΕΝΗΣ: Data Anecdotes

This isn't an empirical corpus study of μονογενής. It isn't comprehensive or thorough; it's just a handful of examples that popped out at me while looking at instances of μονογενής in Koine texts. At best these are anecdotes. Still, I thought it would be worth doing something as a follow up on my previous post... Continue Reading →

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