We’re looking toward 2019 and have exciting plans for the future of Koine-Greek.com.

  • First up is the addition of a few more contributors to the site.
  • In conjunction to that, we’re considering adding a Hebrew language corner, though the primary focus will continue to be Greek.
  • We’re hopefully going to have more book reviews
  • We want to expand the number of longform and multi-part essays, too.

In December, we will have more discussion of where we are headed and we will probably be looking for feedback as well.

Stay tuned for more details.


I fully acknowledge there is certainly an appeal for monosemy as a theoretical construct. The ability to schematize all usages or senses within a single abstract sense does indeed simplified and elegant semantic theory. Such a theory is an attractive prospect for all linguists.

SBLThe Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature is coming soon (November 17-20), and the online program book is up and there’s a PDF of the Sessions available as well. I’m trying to gather together the papers related dealing with Greek language questions. Here’s what I’ve collected together, I might have missed a few. Let me know if you have found something I didn’t see.