Generative grammar has moved on from its old theories about syntax. Can we please do the same with their semantic theories, too?


SBLThe Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature is coming soon (November 17-20), and the online program book is up and there’s a PDF of the Sessions available as well. I’m trying to gather together the papers related dealing with Greek language questions. Here’s what I’ve collected together, I might have missed a few. Let me know if you have found something I didn’t see.

Will Ross and Greg Lanier took some time to answer some questions with Hendrickson Publishers about all the work they put into their Reader’s Edition LXX.

LXX Q&A with Will Ross and Greg Lanier

It’s a really excellent Q&A with them and worth taking a few moments to read.

And aren’t we all just slightly scared by that one time we read through 2 Maccabees? Yeah. Been there.