John Chrysostom on Ephesians 5.21

I thought I'd repost my translation of Chrysostom on Ephesians 5:21. If for anything, it would be nice to get it critiqued again. “Submit to each other”, he declares, “in fear of God.” If you submit because of rulers, money or honor, how much more should you submit because you fear God? There should be... Continue Reading →

Dividing Ephesians 5:21 & 22

Honestly, the division of these two verses, in my opinion, is a perfect example of Biblical scholars knowing little to nothing about how language functions holistically, particularly at the level of pragmatics and discourse - this is one occasion where my always seeking to give the benefit of the doubt really struggles. I cannot tell... Continue Reading →

Taking up a Small Point

I've been perusing the comments of a thread of 400 here. In one comment, HERE, John Hobbins wrote, One clear reason is that 5:21 was normally read until the discovery of P46 with what precedes, not with what follows. I take issue with that. The YLT, Darby, & ASV all read 5:21 with what follow.... Continue Reading →

Harold W. Hoehner

I just found out that Harold Hoehner died today. He was a great Christian and scholar who had a major impact on me as a student, albeit indirectly. I studied under and with several scholars who were taught by him, much of what I know about exegetical method comes from his work at DTS. And... Continue Reading →

Craig Blomberg on Aspect

After reading his review of Basics of Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek, I rather curious about what his view of the subject  is expressed plainly. What I can gather is at least this much: Blomberg prefers a three Aspect system of Perfective, Imperfective, Stative. He considers Fanning to be closer to his perspective than Campbell.... Continue Reading →

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