Scholars in Press: An interview with Mike Aubrey

Editor's note: This interview originally appeared at Old School Script on February 23rd, 2015. Education: I received a BA in Biblical Languages at Moody Bible Institute in 2007. Since then, my wife and I have been actively preparing for service with SIL/Wycliffe Bible Translators as a linguist. We completed certificates in applied linguistics in 2008 as... Continue Reading →

The relevance of typology in grammatical research

Many New Testament scholars look at language typology with suspicion. Some believe that using typological studies is dangerous because they have the potential to mislead the scholar to draw conclusions about Greek grammar not from the internal structure of the language, but instead the structure of other languages. I would like to suggest that is... Continue Reading →

Studies in Role and Reference Grammar (2009)

This is probably of limited interest those who read this blog. Still, I've been looking for this book for over five years now. I was pleased to find that the editors have uploaded the entire volume to Guerrero, Ibáñez Cerda, and Belloro (2009) Studies in Role and Reference Grammar Studies in Role and Reference... Continue Reading →

By the way…

For those who skipped over the nonsensically long post before this one, I successfully defended my thesis on August 26th and passed pending the correction of my excessive typos...which I then fixed correctly. No other revisions. I will be uploading it to at some point this fall once I finish my current blog series... Continue Reading →

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