Editor’s note: We are pleased to be able to host the The Scholars in Press series, originally started back in 2015, here at Koine-Greek.com. In time, we hope that we’ll be able to continue the series with new interviews with more scholars working on Greek and Hebrew linguistics. We look forward to continuing the tradition. And some of you, readers, can expect to hear from us asking to participate, we’re sure.

We’re looking toward 2019 and have exciting plans for the future of Koine-Greek.com.

  • First up is the addition of a few more contributors to the site.
  • In conjunction to that, we’re considering adding a Hebrew language corner, though the primary focus will continue to be Greek.
  • We’re hopefully going to have more book reviews
  • We want to expand the number of longform and multi-part essays, too.

In December, we will have more discussion of where we are headed and we will probably be looking for feedback as well.

Stay tuned for more details.